How To Make Glowing Text With Outer Glow In Photoshop

The Layer Style panel is a very useful feature in Photoshop, thanks to it you can create many interesting effects for text, design objects. “Outer Glow” is also a useful tool in this group. By using Outer Glow you can create glowing effects for both text and Layer objects. 

In the example below, when I have a paragraph of text or title sunk against the background color using Outer Glow is a reasonable solution. Here’s how to make my text brighter and less saturated than the background with Outer Glow. 

You have many ways to open Outer Glow.

  • First way: Go to ” Layer -> Layer Style -> Outer Glow “

  • Option 2: Right-click on the object in the Layer panel -> Bleding Options …

 This is equal to control of Outer Glow

 You can see that the text has started with a light border. 

At Element you can adjust the “Spread” and “Size” parameters to make the text brighter.

 After completing click OK. 

This is a simple way for you to lighten the text in Photoshop, will update the detailed video tutorial about this tool for you to better understand.

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