How To Create Text Effects With Satin In Photoshop

Satin is one of the few options used in Photoshop Layer Styles, but if you know how to use it, you can create a few different effects. 

In addition to creating a unique look, it can also be used to add more realistic depth and detail to glass and metal effects.

 The Satin Styles Layer

Satin dialog box creates two copies of the layer, then compensates and blurs them to produce the final result. You may not be able to visualize it, but it’s understandable when you see it when you use it. 

The Satin dialog box has nothing much and we have seen most of these settings before. All that remains is to understand how they interact with each other.

 The Blend Mode

Blending Mode allows you to set the blending mode for your Satin, while the color box is expected to allow you to choose the color. 

The best Blending Mode option is Linear Burn using black or Linear Dodge (Add) using white. This will allow you to see how Satin works, while applying the most realistic looking effect.

 In the following example, use white with Linear Dodge (Add) as the blending mode to lighten our text while using black with Linear Burn when the blend mode darkens it.


Opacity adjusts the transparency of the effect.

 In the following example, you can see that lower Opacity has a more subtle impact than anticipated to our final effect.


Spinner Angle sets the angle at which our Satin effect is offset against the original shape. You can enter a number in the box or drag the line with the mouse.

 The following example may not be the best, but it clearly shows how adjusting the Angle can change the look of Satin. Used with other effects, changing Angle can help you get more realistic light. 


The Distance slider changes the distance that Satin is offset from the original shape. This is useful when you are trying to create reflection.

 In the following example, you can see how increasing the Distance of the Satin effect gives us greater reflection on the text.


The slider Size sets the matte size of Satin. The greater the value, the higher the opacity. The sufficient Size value will often bring about the most realistic results.

 In the following example, the lower the light size will be less. 

Hope you will understand how Satin works and create unique effects.

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